When we think of traveling automatically we think of budget. What follows is that you realize that you do not have any balance at the end of the month, and that is where you arrive: I can not afford a trip.

Maybe you think you should get a better job or something extra. But if you go deeper and track what you are spending your salary on and why you do not have a positive balance at the end of the month, you will realize that you are spending a lot of money on small but constant purchases.

You are a potential traveler if you have the habits that we will see below. This is because if you prioritize your dream of traveling by eliminating several or all of them, you will be generating savings that can definitely finance a trip of several months. Calculate - really - how much you spend on each of these per month and per year and it is very likely that you use a considerable amount of your salary in unnecessary expenses for your objectives.

1. You order food at home or buy your lunch at the office.

Home orders

Home orders.

If you are one of those who ask for food at home you are probably spending more than you think a week and if you calculate it per month and then per year, that number will surprise you. Cooking your own food has many positive edges; the most important: save.

2. You leave on weekends.


Weekend departure.

Whether it is to eat or partying, you will spend maybe twice as much as you spend on a normal day and you are probably investing a large part of your salary in it.

3. Shopping prepared coffee.


A little coffee?.

Maybe you will think it is a small expense to count it but it adds up every month and every year. We are now traveling through India, and do you know how much is the most of lunch? - 2.8 usd ($ 1,860 Chilean pesos), so if you think that coffee every day does not hurt your travel goal, you should evaluate it. In countries like Thailand, Indonesia or Southeast Asia in general; they are so economical countries that the ant spending that you do in your country is reducing days to your next trip.

4. You smoke.



Smoking is expensive and it also hurts your health. Imagine yourself on a beautiful beach in Thailand resting with fresh air and crystal clear water ... now imagine pumping smoke into your lungs and losing money for it. Do you really prefer the second? Do the calculation. For example: if you smoke a pack a day is $ 1,200 USD per year ($ 780,000 Chilean pesos) - or you may smoke more on weekends - the point is that it is a round trip plane ticket, which together with the other variables is a trip.

5. You drink alcohol or excess sodas.


The alcohol subtracts.

Alcohol is not economical, so eliminating that expense will save you easily. Maybe you should only limit the frequency or encourage you to leave it altogether while you are in a travel savings period. That way you would drink the same beer somewhere you used to see only on TV. If you are one of those who drink soda drinks every day you will surely also have a good amount to save.

6. You go shopping regularly.



Whether it is clothing, beauty creams, technology, shoes, etc., and everything you buy is expensive brands. When we returned from the 3-month trip to Europe, I discovered myself liberated from consumerism, literally passing by the showcases, the cost was unparalleled. Things do not fill anything in our life. For what we live with less. The question is: do you prefer to have things or live moments? We prefer to live the planet. So all that remains of the ability to travel, is outside our daily budget. If you want to live unique experiences, calculate how much you spend on things that you really do not need and do not contribute anything special to your life.

7. Snaking or eat between hours.


No Snacking.

The ant expenditure less quantifiable but in the long run if it impacts on your potential savings. If you are someone who eats between meals, a cookie, some sweets, you buy them from all the vendors who pass through your office, it is very likely that the slice of your salary is not less. Also in each snack you fill your roll, prefer to have a good breakfast and a good lunch. We changed our diet and not only saved, but also our health improved considerably.

And, what was your result? How much do you spend on these points per month? A year?

We can think of several other quantifiable expenses, such as going to the cinema more often than you think buying goats, drinks, etc. You use auto when you could use public transportation; That means that you spend on benzine, patent, permit, maintenance, insurance and parking!.

Advice. Always ask yourself: is it necessary for me to buy this? How does it help me to fulfill my plans? Every unnecessary purchase discounted to your next trip, you are probably spending the cost of staying for weeks in some wonderful place. If you want to treat yourself from time to time ... do it! just borrow it in your savings to keep control of your expenses.

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