Did you find out if you are a potential traveler? If you still do not know, check"7 signs that you can travel". Your money leak may be in other expenses, so analyze yourself and calculate what you are spending more on and what they benefit for your objectives.

Then let is see how to save on expenses and also in what ways you could generate some income.

1. Learn to cook.

If you already know, do it. And if you do not know on YouTube you can find many recipes. It does not have to be very complicated. No budget can resist eating every day out or ordering food at home; so by cooking you will save quickly.

2. Rent the extra room.

If you have an extra room where you live, a good way to generate income is to get a roommate. You can also put it on Airbnb, it is a platform present around the world where you receive money in exchange for that extra room. It has the advantage that you can choose what days to have it available and receive travelers from all over the world.

3. Use the extra room in Couchsurfing.

Couchsurfing is a global platform for cultural exchange, so there is no monetary exchange when that traveler uses your room but there will be a wonderful life experience with people from all over the world. And in turn you will be building a network that will serve you for your next trip. By having experience on the site your profile will be enriched and it will be much easier for you then other people will receive you at home when you are traveling; thus saving you the expense of lodging. It does not necessarily have to be an extra room, it can be a sofa bed in the living room, etc.

4. Purchase second hand.

With internet in these times it is not necessary that you buy everything new. Try sites like free market, amazon, etc.

5. Drink coffee made by you.

We mentioned it in the 7 signs that you can travel. Buy prepared coffee sum in expenses and subtract in savings because it is constant. Although it may seem cheap every day, and if you extrapolate it to months, it takes a big piece of your salary.

6. Use the public transportation.

The car has too many expenses. If you are planning your trip around the world for a future term; It is best that you sell your car now. You will save on maintenance, patent, fuel, parking, etc. and you will recover part of the cost of it. If you can not get rid of the car, you may be able to find a way to share it for a monthly payment with someone who goes to your same address every day.

7. Get rid of satellite television or cable.

You really need those thousand channels to end up watching only 4 ?. Do not tell me you use it as an antenna. Nowadays most of the open television channels also have an online signal. We spent so little time at home that it made no sense. In the afternoons and weekends we watched movies and series on netflix and maybe some national television program for its online signal.

8. Get a credit card with benefits.

In the case of Chile we have the Visa Falabella card (non-sponsored reference), the card for the case of the normal version has no support cost when you use it 4 times a month. In our case, we used it as a redcompra and we paid it before the end of the month. So there are no interests. With the point system you can buy from food to household items, utilities etc. Another option for the case of Chile would be the Santander Visa card (non-sponsored reference) that Millas Latam gives; I do not know the maintenance costs, it would be necessary to evaluate if it is convenient the annual cost versus the number of miles.

9. Sell the things you no longer use.

Before leaving for our trip without a definite return date, we sold all our things and got a good amount of money. They are just things, then you can get others and sell them again.

10. Eliminate the purchase of alcohol.

Alcohol such as drinks, beer, etc. It is not economical, so eliminating that expense will save you easily. Maybe you should only limit the frequency or encourage you to leave it altogether while you are in a travel savings period. That way you would drink the same beer or wine somewhere you used to see only on TV. If you are one of those who drink soda drinks every day you will surely also have a good amount to save.

11. Do not spend on cigarettes.

Smoking is expensive and it also hurts your health. Imagine yourself on a beautiful beach in Thailand resting with fresh air and crystal clear water ... now imagine pumping smoke into your lungs and losing money for it. Do you really prefer the second? Do the calculation. For example: if you smoke a pack a day are $ 1,200 usd per year ($ 780,000 Chilean pesos) - or you may smoke more on weekends - the point is that it is a round trip air ticket, which together with the other leaks is a trip.

12. Reduce the trips to the mall.

If you go shopping; Whether it is clothing, beauty creams, technology, shoes, etc., and everything you buy is expensive brands you must be spending a large chunk of your savings. When we returned from the 3-month trip to Europe, I discovered myself liberated from consumerism, literally passing by the showcases, the cost of things was unparalleled. Things do not fill anything in our life. For what we live with less. The question is: do you prefer to have things or live moments? We prefer to live experiences. So all that remains of the ability to travel, is outside our daily budget. If you want to live unique experiences, calculate how much you spend on things that you really do not need and do not contribute anything special to your life.

13. Do not eat between meals.

The ant expenditure less quantifiable but in the long run if it impacts on your potential savings. If you are someone who eats between meals, a cookie, some sweets, you buy them from all the vendors who pass through your office, it is very likely that the slice of your salary is not less. Also in each snack you fill your roll. Have a good breakfast and a good lunch. We changed our diet and not only saved, but also our health improved considerably.

14. Eliminate the outputs to the Cinema.

If you are in savings plan you should make efforts. If you are one of those who follow the movies and also buy goats and drink in the same cinema you must spend at least 15usd per person ($ 10,000 Chilean pesos). With 15 usd we have stayed and eaten in our trip through Asia. Use the ingenuity to build your home theater.

15. Earn interest with your savings.

You have been saving, you eliminated a lot of your ant expenses and you already have a considerable amount. It is time to look for the way that those savings give some type of interest in a bank. We set a period of 2 years to save for the trip without a return date (it ended up being 3), during that time we kept the money in a time deposit. We put it every 30 days and we renewed it. Now that we are traveling, we keep them in time deposit and we only take a little to move; In this way, each month we continue to receive a little something that serves much more than not having it.

16. Search for an online income.

Search your skills, something may fit to receive income through the Internet. Sites like Fiverr where you offer an X service for a lower payment than if it is repetitive may surprise you. In our case, Pamela sells her photos online.

If you can find some way to help you through online income, you will not only be saving, but you will be able to finance yourself while traveling.

Being more aware of your daily expenses and acting to decrease them and save; You will not only master your habits, but you will be closer every day that your plans become your reality.

Stockhorn, Swiss Alps

The effort has a reward.

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